Social Media

About drones and jack-o-lanterns

How Opel has made strides with the Facebook community

up-and-coming talents

Show me the car of your dreams

Valentin Natschke (14) designed a car he calls “Frog II” as a future study

Udo Schmitt und sein Bitter CD. „Das schönste Auto, das ich je gesehen habe“, schwärmt der 60-Jährige.
Wir sind Opel

Bitter Love

How Udo Schmitt became ‘Dr. Detroit’ even when his heart belongs to an Opel


Poetry Album 2.0

Opel’s social media specialists create a very special platform for the Corsa

Oberster Hüter der Qualität im Unternehmen: Thomas Simon, der vor 28 seine Karriere bei Opel Wien begann.

“We launch
at the top”

Thomas Simon, Vice President GM Europe Quality, discusses the term customer satisfaction

50 years opel design studio

Exklusive at

Timelessly beautiful design sketches for download


Opel parks ON

Film Festival Munich: Celebs disclose how they connect with the brand


A Success Story in Five Acts

The journey to becoming a multi-million bestseller: 12.3 million Corsas sold in 32 years

We are Opel

The Opel-Bolt
Strikes the Peak

The French colleague Laurent Butaye hoists the Opel flag on Mount Everest

50 years opel design studio

“I Was Inside”

Opel Design Center opens the doors for the first time and Thomas Wietzorek gets in

We are Opel

His Mantra is Manta

Old love never rusts: Arno Schmitt is on the starting line with his vintage Opel

Alt und sein 200-köpfiges Team haben dem Corsa einen ganz neuen Motor verpasst: einen Dreizylinder-Turbo-Benzindirekteinspritzer.

D turns into E

Validation drives currently help to make the new Corsa fit for start of regular production

50 years opel design studio

First of its Kind in Europe

The formal opening of the new Opel Design Studio marked a milestone

50 years opel design studio

“How soon can I leave for Rüsselsheim?”

Video interview: George Gallion about his work for Opel and early concept cars