A Whole New World



The sportscar is operated purely by voice control and a central touchpad. Experts refer to the control concept of the car as Human Machine Interface (HMI). The concept car comes with a revolutionary HMI. In the GT Concept the adaptive system is waiting to get to know the driver and adapt to his or her needs. The car thus adjusts itself to the driver and not the other way round.


If the driver wants to surf through the menus without saying a word, he just needs to reach for the round touchpad on the center stack, from where he can easily operate all functions.


The two classically inspired round instruments are actually projection surfaces that can be backlit in different colors and display a variety of information three-dimensionally – a further development of the system shown in the 2013 Opel Monza Concept. Rpms and speed are always clearly visible on the left whereas the information shown on the right instrument can be configured individually.


Instead of side door mirrors, the GT Concept relies on cameras mounted behind the front wheel arches to show what is happening behind and next to the car. The images are transmitted to round monitors to the left and right of the driver.


In addition, the large central screen displays all desired information.


Spoke design: The steering wheel pays homage to the legendary Opel GT from the 1960s and 1970s.

 Last update February 2016