The Ultimate List

Opel fans are a motley crew, to say the least. The Manta owner, who loves to burn rubber at the motorsport arena in Oschersleben, feels truly at home in his Opel. But the philosophy student who travels across the country to the theater festival in her indestructible Corsa, not to mention the business man who swears by his Insignia GSi’s chassis, also belong to our community. Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was famously a fan of the Kadett model, while the Pope even has an Ampera-e in his vehicle fleet.

Different people have different reasons for loving this versatile brand. While one person’s eyes may light up at the sight of the vents (‘gills’) of a Kadett B Coupé’s well-polished C pillar, another might take a detour to see where Fritz von Opel once raced around the AVUS track in his rocket car. Others will treat themselves to an extra spin around the roads at night because they just can’t get enough of the matrix light function.


In 2019, Opel is celebrating 120 years of automobile production – and for this occasion we would like to make an all-encompassing list for all our fans of 120 things that every Opel enthusiast should have done at least once in their lives. We have already put together twelve ideas – and now it’s time for you as readers of the Opel Post to have a go. Please send us your suggestions at by April 19.

In line with the first point of our ultimate list, the names of all participants will be entered into a drawing to win a weekend with an Opel Rekord Caravan of the Opel Classic collection. Here you find the conditions of participation (in German).



A true Opel fan must have …

1.made out in the backseat of their dad’s Opel Rekord Caravan

The feeling of freedom, first love – the memory of your first romance will forever be entwined with this classic model.




2.experienced the vintage car convention at the Opelvillen

Fans of style icons and classic automobiles can’t afford to miss out on the biggest and best one-day vintage car event in Germany. The 19th convention of the ‘Klassikertreffen’ will take place on June 30, 2019.


3. … eaten CHIO potato chips

Are you wondering how potato chips ended up on a to-do list for Opel fans? Well, it’s because Carlo, Heinz, and Irmgard von Opel (or ‘CHIO’) were the driving forces behind the Chio brand. They were the ones who first brought potato chips to Petersau in Germany from the U.S. in 1962. These potato chips are still produced today in the same region of Germany, but the brand now belongs to the Intersnack Group.

4.switched on the headlights in
an Opel GT

They may well be the most stylish headlights in any car. Press down on the transmission tunnel lever with full force to make the headlights rotate around their longitudinal axis and snap into place with a ‘clunk’ sound.

5.eaten at the
F40 Las Brisas restaurant in Rüsselsheim

This restaurant doesn’t just serve up Spanish delicacies – it is also a part of Opel’s history.

6.visited the Opel Zoo in Kronberg

The Opel Zoo in southwest Germany was founded on the initiative of Georg von Opel in 1956. Over 230 species spread out across 27 hectares can be found in near-natural surroundings here, including the only elephants in the federal state of Hesse.


7.seen the film
‘Manta, Manta’

This German comedy from 1991 will go down in history as a true classic. Manta-driver Bertie goes through the archetypical conflict of a classical hero – from his existential struggle with the Mercedes driving Axel, to his redeeming moment, when he steps up as the father of Uschi’s unborn child.


8.gone on a tour of the Opel Plant in Rüsselsheim

The tour stops by the Classic workshop, the pressing plant, chassis construction, and final assembly and finishing. Visitors to the main plant can experience the fascinating world of automotive manufacturing first-hand three times a day, from Monday to Friday.

9.watched the director Sönke Wortmann’s declaration of love to the Kadett C Caravan in the film ‘Little Sharks’

In this cult comedy from 1992, the Kadett C Caravan proves itself as the perfect car for sparking romance. It is ideal for road trips, is spacious, and can sleep up to three people. Not only director Sönke Wortmann, but also the main actors Meret Becker, Armin Rohde, Jürgen Vogel, Kai Wiesinger, and Gedeon Burkhard went on to have successful careers in the movie business.

driven at night with the
Opel matrix light on

The moment when the adaptive LED elements turn night into day.

11.experienced a winter training event in Austria in the Insignia 4×4

The Insignia tears up traffic cones in the first lap. Several laps later – and with less of a steering angle – the flagship conquers the ice and snow with its innovative all-wheel drive. Opel hits the racing track in Thomatal every January with the Opel winter training event. It’s all about having fun while driving, as well as road safety.

gone to a Die Toten Hosen

The punk rockers from Dusseldorf have
had an ode to Opel on their setlist since the mid-1980s:

We’re the boys from the Opel gang
Everyone can eat our dust
Opel gang …

13. … and now it’s your turn!

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March 2019