Revolution 4.0

Paris in the last days
of September.

The summer still embraces the city, even though the calendar long ago announced the beginning of autumn. The restaurants are full, guests enjoy their entrecote and Beaujolais late into the evening as they dine al fresco. Fashion Week brings the hustle and bustle in the capital of haute couture to its peak.





At the same time, probably the world’s most famous horse race takes place: the best three-year-old horses from all around the world have come to the Chantilly racecourse to compete in four sprint races. Like every year since 1920, the prestigious Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is held on the first Sunday in October. By the time this happens, the Paris Motor Show will also have opened its doors. The show officially begins on October 1, and 1.5 million visitors are again expected to attend until it ends on October 16 – but the automobile stars of the show make their world premieres before the official opening on two press days.



The star of Paris: the new Ampera-e amid the blinding flashes of photographers.


Little rocker: KARL ROCKS celebrates its world premiere along with Ampera-e.


It is September 29
– high Noon!

Just a few more minutes, and then it’s time. At exactly 12:15 a revolution will take place, the French Revolution 4.0, when the new Opel Ampera-e rolls out quiet as a whisper into the photographers’ flurry of flashbulbs. The electric car! Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann is behind the wheel and for the very first time, he tells the journalists from around the globe the car’s range – the Ampera-e drives over 500 kilometers on one single battery charge, more than any other car in its class. Much more. It accelerates from zero to 100 in just 7.3 seconds like a sports car, has room for five people and luggage, and will already be on the European market in the spring of next year.




From the street to the fair: An Ampera-e drove 417 kilometers from London to Paris with only one battery charge.


Full house: during the first two press days, the Opel fair stand was highly frequented.


Great setting: Tim John and Martin Schmitz (right) designed and built the Opel fair stand.


Revolutions can sometimes be quiet and intelligent.

As the star of this year’s Paris Motor Show proves. The e-vehicle proudly stands in front of the grand backdrop of the Opel stage, which is reminiscent of Henri Rousseau’s work. Shortly before his death in 1910 in Paris, Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier (the customs officer), painted a surreal paradise. This world-famous jungle is called “The Dream” and fits perfectly into the overall look. 106 years later, it is the Hamburg artists Tim John and Martin Schmitz who conjure up a dream landscape for the Opel Ampera-e: sustainable mobility in the cycle of nature is the subject. In his “Atelier for Scenography”, John creates room designs and installations. The execution of the paradisiac green Opel world demonstrates a passion for workmanship and great attention to detail. Show visitors can even send the Ampera-e into a range race against its competitors or take pictures at the selfie point.

The highlight is center stage, yellow on black background. The star of the show. The Opel Ampera-e. On late summer days in Paris. Simply electrifying.


Text: Roland Korioth; Photos: Axel Wierdemann, Ken Schluchtmann (3)