“Work Healthily And Safely – 
We All Care”

Dr Albuszies, the first Health & Safety Week with Opel under the roof of Groupe PSA starts today (October 22). What is the idea behind this week?
Dr Anne-Marie Albuszies: The Health & Safety Week takes place under the motto “We All Care”, because health and safety at work are commitments shared by all of us at Groupe PSA. Therefore, we have summarized the contents of the H&S strategy in a new company-wide occupational health and job safety guidelines. During the H&S Week, we want to call attention to these standards and its key message should be supported by the motto “We All Care” and the appropriate logo.

What are the messages of the new H&S strategy?
“We All Care” expresses the responsibility of each individual for a sustainable work and health protection. Everyone can convey this message through his actions. The second message is, that a good work and health protection can only work with a close cooperation of health and safety. That‘s why the logo shows two hands building a union of these areas. Equally important for a good H&S  strategy is the unrestricted commitment of the management, which is shown very well during the H&S Woche Week. Due to this, Xavier Chereau, Vice President Human Resources, opened the Week with a video on the H&S Policy, the motto and the logo.

Can you please name some principles of the new policy?
There are eight guidelines that all Groupe PSA employees should follow every day. In order to understand training and further education as preventative measures, the whole group offers training in health-promotion and psychosocial risks. For example, the employees are trained to recognize early signs and avoid occupational risks. Also, we make regular surveys of individual and collective health, include the unions in risk-avoidance, or wellness at work is promoted via various methods. Unions are vital actors in our risk prevention improvement processes, in particular within the different bodies for health and safety defined by regulation.

Dr Anne-Marie Albuszies explains the contents of the Health & Safety Week, which starts today at all Groupe PSA sites.


»The Health & Safety Week takes place under the motto “We All Care”, because health and safety at work are commitments shared by all of us at Groupe PSA.«


Xavier Chéreau, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Digital and Real Estate, Groupe PSA, will kick-off the event on October 22 with a video message presenting, among other things, the new group-wide H&S logo as well as the new motto. The logo and the motto will underline the H&S strategy in upcoming years. 
Until Friday, October 26, daily information and actions on health protection or occupational safety are scheduled. The respective daily topics – ranging from ergonomics and well-being to the risks of chemical products – have been centrally predefined and are the same for all sites.
A dedicated website created for H&S week can be found here.

What does this mean for each employee?
Every employee should feel safe and comfortable. To ensure this sustainably, we evaluate and anticipate psychosocial risks and ensure that measures are taken to guarantee workplace health and safety. This includes also occupational-medical health examinations, that are executed for common and workplace specific hazards and risks. Speeches and interactive actions tell the relevance of sleep, movement and healthy management for our well-being. 

What is on offer to employees during H&S Week?
We are offering various practical workshops and presentations, such as on ergonomics, wellness and sleep. In the process the risks of various occupational and everyday situations are explained and advice given, for example on nutrition or psychosocial subjects. The programme includes brain fitness training for reducing stress, which addresses various coordination and cognitive abilities through special physical exercises. The “Awareness & Mindfulness” workshop offers ideas that can help every day at work and in private life.

How can employees take part in the workshops and presentations?
All offers are available for all employees, a registration is not necessary for most of the offers. Our employees can find more information about the courses, the locations and the times on the Groupe PSA intranet.

What is the overall objective of H&S Week?
It‘s our aim to prevent employees from fatal accidents at work, absence through illness, injuries and all types of occupational disease. The health of every individual always comes before everything else, whether colleague, temporary employee or contractor. That is our responsibility as human beings and it secures the sustainable growth and the success of our business.

With which strategy do you want to reach this goal?
This is based on three pillars. With the help of the occupational health and job safety guidelines we want to protect people, among other things by having the highest standards for ergonomics at work. In addition, we want to involve every individual, by creating an H&S culture in which everyone takes responsibility for their own health and safety and for that of others. Thirdly we want to promote workplace health and wellness, in order to promote an engaged and motivated workforce.


Thank you very much for the interview.

“The health of every individual always comes before everything else, whether colleague, temporary employee or contractor”: Company physician Dr Anne-Marie Albuszies on the Health & Safety Week.

October 2018

Photos: Alex Heimann