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Mr. Leibold, how is Opel’s Exclusive program significant for the new Insignia?

Customer surveys have pointed out that many Insignia buyers would like to have a greater range of customization options. That’s why we now offer the Exclusive program. It would be foolish of us if customers were to switch to a different manufacturer because that manufacturer is capable of fulfilling their needs for more options in vehicle customization. This applies to decorative elements on the vehicle exterior as well as the interior, such as special rim designs, options for leather interiors, and, in particular, the vehicle color.


Across Europe, people’s favorite colors are white, gray, and black. Why would Opel pick a colorful palette for its Exclusive program?

Our Exclusive color palette isn’t meant to appeal to the mainstream mindset. We’re more interested in the uniqueness of colors and in customization options for customers. Anyway, who says that gray cannot be appealing? It all depends on the shade of gray. Take, for example, Racing Grey, on the Insignia GSi that we showcased at the IAA. An awesome look!


“Anyway, who says that gray cannot be appealing?”

Opel’s Exclusive program calls the shots for the flagship vehicle


Matched to the car Customers of the Exclusive program will receive a smartphone case that matches their new Insignia several weeks before the car actually ships.

Choice of paint types In addition to the solid and metallic automotive paints, there are also pearlescent paints and ‘two-pack’ paints.


Right now the program offers 15 exclusive colors. However, the special highlight is actually when you choose the color yourself …

It’s true. You can show your true colors, so to speak, and design your own shade. To match the color of your favorite coat? It’s my favorite aspect of the program. But let’s be honest: It’s also the most stressful. I was sweating buckets when I tapped the order button for my first vehicle in a custom color.


What are your main duties for the program?

I was asked to develop a program for vehicle customization over two years ago. I sat down with the employees in Product Marketing and we defined the offering for the program. Then the challenging part started: rolling it out. At times, I was the enabler. At other times, I also acted as the awkward customer when it came to questioning traditional processes and finding specialized solutions. Above all, I moderate the communication between the different departments that are involved in planning, development, and implementation. It basically includes them all, from design to engineering, from manufacturing planning to the paintshop. Opel’s Exclusive program is only possible thanks to the excellent cooperation of all involved.


What color would your Insignia be?

If I were to order an Insignia through the Exclusive program, it would be exactly like the one outside. Do you want to see it? (Of course. Off to the parking lot. The Insignia Exclusive in the eyes of Leibold can be seen from a distance already. A shiny petrol.) Isn’t this color great? I love bold, flashy colors on a car. Plus, I really like the ‘High-Gloss Black-Pack.’ It replaces the chrome applications on the vehicle with high-gloss black ones. You can visit our award-winning Visualizer website to configure your own Insignia Exclusive. But be forewarned, it’s addicting.


The Insignia Exclusive in the eyes of Leibold The ‘High-Gloss Black-Pack’ replaces the chrome applications on the vehicle – even the Opel lightning bolt – with high-gloss black ones.

If it was a nerve-racking moment for you when you tapped Order, how can you be sure that the customer is not disappointed with his or her order?

We need an actual color sample. We cannot use a screenshot or digital whatever. This is impossible anyways, especially with the number of different monitor settings that are possible. It needs to be a physical object, like a tie or golf club, or a picture on paper. We can use this to mix the right shade of the color and prepare a sample. The real chassis will be sent to the paintshop once the customer is absolutely certain that the color based on our sample is to his or her liking. There’s an added bonus: Customers of the Exclusive program will receive a smartphone case that matches the color of their new Insignia several weeks before the car actually ships.


“Opel’s Exclusive program is an option for people who can afford that little extra.”

How does this very exclusive offer align with the brand promise of ‘The future belongs to everyone’?

Opel’s Exclusive program is obviously an option for people who can afford that little extra. But it is a customization program that fits in with the Opel world. We make the offering affordable by implementing savvy solutions. For example, we offer details like mirror caps or replacing chrome parts with high-gloss black ones, which give the vehicle a rather unique look at an affordable cost.


When can we expect to see the first Insignia models from the Exclusive program on roads?

Production of the first Exclusive models will roll out as of the 2018 model year. The first Insignia Exclusive models are already on German roads. It will be expanded to countries such as Italy and Iceland soon.


Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

 ← Visualizer App The online presentation for the Exclusive program is top-notch, as well. Customers can use the Annual Multimedia award (silver) winning Visualizer website to customize their Insignia. What’s more, there is the Visualizer app available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The Insignia is displayed with 3D effects in the special surroundings using augmented reality.

The Visualizer app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

November 2017