When Men Go Shopping

Let’s see how many people follow his lead: Helmut Kleefeld gazes comfortably at the tablet computer, together with Lorena Walaschek, one of the sales advisors, and his face breaks into a smile when he taps the order button – for the third time in 30 minutes. Helmut Kleefeld is from Nierstein, Germany, and an Opel retiree who purchased three cars on Saturday (4 November) when the company hosted the “Produkttag” (Employee Sales day) – an ADAM for his son, a Crossland X for his grandson, and a Mokka X for himself. As Kleefeld puts it: “I have been finding homes for Opel vehicles with my friends and family for decades.” His tally over the years is around 130 to 150 vehicles.

Three Opel cars in 30 minutes

Formerly an employee in Opel’s data center, Helmut Kleefeld had actually already configured the vehicles online at www.wir-fahren-opel.de and could have ordered them from the cozy confines of his own home. But he didn’t want to miss out on an Employee Sales day. He adds, “Actually, you get a free coupon for a fill-up on gas today.” Now he needs to scurry off to the entrance because a neighbor is waiting for him there. “He needs a new Cascada.” Helmut Kleefeld and the order button: He’s likely to tap it once more today.

No more red tape “Ordering is easier than ever.” Opel employee Lorena Walaschek is available during the Employee Sales day, providing advice to anyone in need.

Relaxing day of big shopping Helmut Kleefeld (center) and his son Jürgen Kleefeld discuss the finishing touches.

Big success Niklas Wendorff, head of ‘Verkauf an Mitarbeiter’, is hugely satisfied.


“The new concept is a genuine paradigm change for us: Our employees are not salespeople in the traditional sense of the word. They act more as advisors who work together with the customers when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. The “Produkttag” proves that the digital experience of buying a new car is a huge success in terms of customer experience.”

On a whim Student David Michelle picked an ADAM BLACK JACK when he saw the offer for an on-the-spot leasing deal.

Buying a car is easier than ever before, and the success of the #Opel2Go on-the-spot leasing deal shows how easy and uncomplicated it is to purchase a car now. Salesman Heiko Cézanne is closely flanked by a half dozen visitors. They all want to drive a new Opel vehicle off the lot today – just like David Michelle. This young student just decided today to lease an ADAM BLACK JACK. “It’s a really cool car, and it fits my lifestyle perfectly!” He had been weighing his options for months and was considering trading in his old Astra for a new car. “But I never got around to making a decision because I was busy with exams.” Which meant that the on-the-spot leasing deal hit the sweet spot for him.

Half of the fleet is gone

And he’s not alone. Heiko Cézanne points out, “Half of the fleet is gone and it’s not even noon yet.” All 70 #OPEL2GO vehicles, from the ADAM to the Grandland X, have exchanged hands by the end of the day and found new owners.

“#OPEL2GO is the absolute hit today!”

– Heiko Cézanne –

Best seller More than 200 visitors to the 2017 “Produkttag” have taken advantage of the chance to purchase a vehicle by the end of the day. 70 additional customers have even driven off the factory lot with a #Opel2Go vehicle on the same day. And there was a new record achieved with test drives: 850 visitors got behind the wheel of a car to take it for a short spin. And the favs of the bunch were the Crossland X and the Grandland X.

All mine! Alisa and her first car ever – an ADAM UNLIMITED. Jürgen Dick, a fellow employee, invited his daughter’s best friend and her parents to join him at the Employee Sales day. Friends and acquaintances can also enjoy favorable purchasing conditions for used Opel vehicles. And Jürgen Dick will be back next year, as well. “It’s time that my own daughter gets her first car.”

Wide-eyed Ben carefully inspects the Grandland X.


“My regards to my former colleagues in the Design department. You really outdid yourselves with the Grandland X!”

– Hans-Joachim Krüger –

It’s simply a lot of fun Susanne and Hans-Joachim Krüger test drive the Grandland X, but their minds are already made up.

Everything in one spot The ‘Wir-fahren-Opel’ app tells all: Hans-Joachim Krüger’s Grandland X will be delivered on 28 December.

But still, there are car buyers who like to dedicate more time and attention to their new car purchase. Hans-Joachim Krüger is one of them. The former Design employee wouldn’t miss the Employee Sales day for anything in the world. “Where else can I test drive the entire range of vehicles as much as I want?” Hans-Joachim had already made his choice several days ago while sitting at home in Rüsselsheim. He’s getting a Grandland X, even though he used to work designing many generations of the Astra by hand, and later on the computer, as a pattern maker. He used the ‘Wir-fahren-Opel’ app to order the latest rendition of the X family.

Test driving the entire range

It’s a matter of pride. The vehicle’s design is one of the most important purchase criteria for Hans-Joachim Krüger. What’s his favorite part of the Grandland X? “The rear of it: It’s clear-cut, proud,” he replies. “It’s how I think it should be.” The biggest surprise under the hood is the “very, very high-performing diesel engine with 1.6 liters of displacement.” The virtual garage in the app shows him that his vehicle will be delivered on 28 December. It’s just that easy. “I’m already eagerly anticipating its arrival and I want to send out a big thanks to my former colleagues. You really outdid yourselves with the Grandland X!”

November 2017