The Beard Puzzle



Year after year,


people with long white beards and people wearing angel costumes are in high demand around Christmas. As this find from the Opel Post archive shows, this was already the case back in 1950. That year’s Christmas puzzle included images of contemporary celebrities, hidden behind beards: Heinz Rühmann, Fita Benkhoff, Margot Hielscher, Johannes Heesters, Hans Albers, Siegfried Breuer, Hans Söhnker – and even the real Santa!

Of course, in our new beard puzzle we’ve chosen to include famous members of the large Opel family who are well-known today. They’re all hidden behind white beards and under red caps. In the spirit of fairness, we took the liberty of putting the women in Santa costumes, too. We’re excited to see which men and women you’ll recognize underneath their festive gear.

We’ll reveal the solutions to the puzzle – or the faces behind the beards – next week.