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When a Plan Comes Together

Opelsleben XXIV: where party, tuning,
drift challenges, pretty oldtimers and
a cool showcar meet each other

Unlimited Driving Fun

That’s how the new Corsa is to drive:
journalists were invited to exclusive test drives


With the sixth generation
Corsa, Opel is offering a
battery-electric version
for the first time

Grenzenloser Fahrspaß

So fährt sich der neue Corsa: Journalisten waren zu exklusiven Testfahrten eingeladen


Das Hilfswerk NÖ betreut tausende
Kunden in ganz Niederösterreich
– mithilfe von Opel Corsa & Co

E‘zapft is!

Der Opel Corsa wird
in seiner sechsten
Generation elektrisch

A Loyal Companion

This Corsa may not be Gerhard Wohlfart’s most glamorous car, but it’s the most reliable

131 Results
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