50 Years Opel GT

Exotic species
on the Pacific

Jose Carlo Y. Martinez’ GT is one of 15 remaining models in the Philippines

Health & Safety Week

“We All Care”

Dr Anne-Marie Albuszies explains which goal the company is pursuing with the new motto



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Desktop Wallpaper

New Visual Identity

Download the Opel GT X Experimental as desktop wallpaper for your smartphone or desktop computer

Germany's next Topmodel


Winner of ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ has picked up her personalized Opel ADAM


“Just Amazing!”

The Astra TCR bested its renowned rivals in the ADAC TCR Germany championship


Racing on the Beach

The “Green Monster” returns to the North Sea coast of Denmark

50 Years Opel GT

G(rea)T Roadtrip

Owners of the legendary sports coupé met up in the U.S. to take a tour

What colleagues do outside of work

“I’m living my dream“

The drummer of ‘Bonfire’ discusses his time at Opel and his life as a musician

50 Years Opel GT

Jubilee Tour

The umbrella organisation of the European GT Clubs staged a unique journey through time

My Opel

The Mountain Calls

Michél Schröder restored an Ascona C and fitted the engine with a compressor

strategic plan

“The Essence
of Opel”

Tobias Gubitz, Director Brand Strategy, on the new brand manifesto and the GT X Experimental


Homecoming For The “Laubfrosch”

The members of the Opel 4 PS vintage car group celebrated their 15th anniversary


“By far the
best solution”

Opel Labor Director Anke Felder talks about the plans for a strategic partnership

opel adam


The Kaller family came thrice and bought the same thing each time: Opel ADAM JAM

Opel Grandland X

“Soon A Real

A Grandland X was handed over to Antje Fink to celebrate the 100,000th order

The new Opel Combo

Mature Performance

During the media launch, the Opel Combo presents itself in best shape

50 Years Opel GT

The Ice Princess And Miss Pinky

Ashley Chaudiere is the owner of the probably most female GT

Hearts for Opel

Bitter’s Sweet Symphony

We sat down for an interview with Erich Bitter to mark his 85th birthday

strategic plan

“What a
Bold Mix!”

The GT X Experimental sets a precedent for future Opel models. What sets it apart?