Hessentag 2017

Klick 'n' Skate!

More than 1,000 volunteers provide support for Hessentag. Among them are two Opel colleagues

The new Insignia


50 components in the Insignia contain the combined knowledge of the team in Kaiserslautern

Hearts for Opel

A Garage Full of Stories

A unit of every single Opel model produced between 1948 and 1980

Desktop Wallpaper

Adding impetus

Download the members of Opel’s new family to use as a background image

What colleagues do outside of work

The loud bang
comes last

These colleagues are taking aim to win the championship for shooting with historical firearms

My Opel

Camera, Action!

To build a GT so perfectly as it wasn’t yet possible back in 1968?


A Blue
Spot for Safety

A projection warns employees of approaching forklifts


Ten Steps to Happiness

These 9½ wacky studies are located in the Classic workshop catacombs


United in perfection

Art Deco elements at their best turn the ’37 Admiral into an ageless beauty



Robert Kohler brought new life to a long-forgotten past for his diorama ‘Ma petite histoire...


It's electrifying!

What environment would suit the Ampera-e better than the most mature EV market

The new Insignia

The Power of Insignia

Which symbols of power adorn the new flagship?

My Opel

The Blitz with a ‘Hook’

None has as much charm and patina as this Opel Blitz tow truck

The new Insignia

Maxing Out into the Orange

There is no producing today but driving: Colleagues on the road with the Insignia

Car of the Year

A long

This year’s victory takes Opel’s total “Car of the Year” tally to five