Joachim Winkelhock

Happy Birthday!

Joachim Winkelhock, long-time Opel brand ambassador is celebrating his 60th birthday today

IAA 2019

Time For
The Essentials

Opel convinces at the 68th IAA with an appearance that combines electromobility and efficiency


Success All
Down The Line

Before the Grandland X production started in Eisenach, the plant has experienced a large conversion

Opel Corsa

Grand Tour

On its way to Rüsselsheim, this rare Corsa GT returns to its roots

120 Years

Are You a
True Opel Expert?

Test your knowledge of 120 years of automobile production with these 12 questions

IAA 2019

Back in
The Spotlight

Ernst Rapp, the man who assembled the legendary Elektro-GT, tells the story behind Opel’s first...

IAA 2019


“WoMen@Opel” members meet up with other women of the automobile industry

Opel Astra

Trimmed on Efficiency

Reduced consumptions, lower emissions, less air resistance: Which benchmarks sets the new Opel Astra?

My Opel

Summer in The City

The Kadett City is not only the last Opel compact-class car with rear-wheel drive


Always There

Ever since, Opel is known for big performances at the IAA – a review

Opel Zafira Life

Really Flexible“

At the internal premiere of the Opel Zafira Life, we asked colleagues about their impressions

Opel Corsa

On the Same Wavelength

The new Opel Corsa and Corsa-e are presented at an exclusive event before its premiere...

Opel Classics

Eternal Fame

For its 30th birthday the always young Opel Calibra pays a visit to Amsterdam

Opel Grandland X

Four in a Row

What‘s in the new Opel Grandland X Hybrid4? Here are the answers in four (f)acts


The Classic

This beautiful Olympia Rekord Caravan is on duty at a winery on the Saar

The new Corsa

“Perfect for
Everyday Use”

Marketing Manager Frank Leibold on the tailored charging options for the Opel Corsa-e

The new Corsa

“Electric Cars
Save Time”

Charging incidentally is one of the main advantages of electromobility for marketing manager Frank Leibold

Opel at Heart

Ride Around
The Baltic

Navigation systems and highways are taboo: With an Opel Frontera at the world’s northernmost rally

My Opel

A Loyal

This Corsa may not be Gerhard Wohlfart’s most glamorous car, but it’s the most reliable


Cliché meets experience

Range too short? Charging time too long? We have asked experienced Ampera-e owners