My Opel

Gasoline Flows
in His Veins

Michel Flé prepared a 230-hp Astra G Caravan for the RCN Circuit Challenge. Now he...

Open Day 2015

Celebration in Turin

The annual GMPT-E Turin Open Day has attracted more than 1000 visitors

We are Opel

In the Beginning
There Was Fire

Thomas Wiersgalla has a hot passion: barbecue. He reveals what makes Pulled Porked so delicious


The Charm
of an Audit

A GMS audit does not necessarily have to be a dry task full of processes,...


Dark Cloud,
Silver Lining

An Astra saves her life during an accident. The happy ending at Opel: Anna Katharina...

J.P. Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge

In the fast lane

393 Opel employees take part in the 23rd J.P. Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge


It’s All in the Technique

Oliver Selmikeit instills fear in the younger competition with his 27-year-old Kadett E


Great in

Automotive journalists were racing through the streets of Bilbao. We caught up with Head of...

150 years of professional training

Two is Greater
than One

Learning on the job and in class: A good way to start your career at...

Formula Student

“The same
passion for cars”

Charles J. Klein about the company’s commitment to Formula Student Germany



An extraordinary glimpse into Opel’s racing history


Not even
a scratch

Safety comes first on the construction site of the new powertrain center. A peek into...

Astra Special

Master of Camouflage

Andreas Kubis is the ace up the sleeve of developers who want to hide their...


Offside or

How augmented reality comes into play in the engine compartment