What colleagues do outside of work

“No one can take this experience from me”

After his elimination from ‘DSDS’, Sven Lüchtenborg is already looking to the future

Book recommendation

For The Love
of The Race

The book “Lost Tracks” is a must-read for more than just race track fans

Opel Grandland X Ultimate

The X Factor

The Basques and this Opel SUV have a penchant for all things X


The Perfect

The Opel Combo Life – a family car full of innovations that makes everything possible

Employees Abroad

The day penguins met ADAM

Gerald Heeb has taken breathtaking pictures at the Antarctic Circle

Opel Insignia GSi

in Provence

In France, 400 journalists had a date with the new Opel Insignia GSi

Social Media


On Instagram, VP Design, Mark Adams reveals what is going on at Opel Design



Opel Master student Bastian Stahl provides 25 employees with techniques for designing innovative products


The Return
of Spare Parts

Employees have been producing components for the Meriva in K40 since the beginning of January


“A Huge
Chance For Opel”

What sets the new Combo apart? Get the answers in an interview with Peter Küspert


Happy 90th birthday!

Designer Erhard Schnell has shaped Opel's look for four decades

Opel Motorsport

On The Rocks

There is no better way to experience all-wheel driving with torque vectoring than on ice

Opel forever

The Age of Brass

Where Opel cars have stood the test of time. A visit to an unusual dealership

The new Insignia

It all begins with steel coils

Colleagues in Rüsselsheim ensure that each customer gets a premium-quality flagship

Advent Season Quiz

The White Giant

On a chassis made of oak sits the 1.8 liters engine with 12 horse powers