Industry 4.0

Smart Helpers

Intelligent assistance systems are changing the way work gets done at Opel plants

Customer Experience

“That’s How
It Works!”

Tap into the full potential of infotainment: David Voss explains why tutorials are so successful


Beat the Cooper!

Opel Classic Europe expert Jens Cooper invites you to test your knowledge

Opel Motorsport

Eternal attraction

Not only an exceptional driver, but also an outstanding personality: Walter Röhrl on his 70th...

Desktop Wallpaper

X-clusive Appearance

Download the new Crossland X as wallpaper for your desktop or smartphone


A Blue
Spot for Safety

A projection warns employees of approaching forklifts

Opel Models

Still Room
on The Shelf?

We spent a day at the toy fair to find out which new Opels models...


Ten Steps to Happiness

These 9½ wacky studies are located in the Classic workshop catacombs

review of the year's events

This has
moved Opel

The Opel Post presents the archive team’s year in review for 2016

Asset Recovery

One Man’s Trash ...

... is another man’s treasure. You can find lots of things to monetize

The new Insignia

Pride & Joy

The Opel model discovers many elements of her favorite. It's time to rave

We are Opel

The Cars of
Monsieur Bailleul

Our colleague Jérôme Bailleul enjoys watching his family members drive an Opel

The new Insignia

Pilots of
the Flagship

These are the faces behind the Insignia Grand Sport


Global Player

This is the largest construction project undertaken by Opel at its headquarters since 2002

Car of the Year

A long

This year’s victory takes Opel’s total “Car of the Year” tally to five