50 Years Opel GT

G(rea)T Roadtrip

Owners of the legendary sports coupé met up in the U.S. to take a tour

Rüsselsheim TechDay

Key Role

### PSA technology meets German engineering ### An interview with Head of Development Christian Müller

Opel Corsa

A Smart Saver

For Hans-Jörg Thiede the joy of driving lies in slowing down

Desktop Wallpaper

New Visual Identity

Download the Opel GT X Experimental as desktop wallpaper for your smartphone or desktop computer

opel adam


The Kaller family came thrice and bought the same thing each time: Opel ADAM JAM

strategic plan

“The Essence
of Opel”

Tobias Gubitz, Director Brand Strategy, on the new brand manifesto and the GT X Experimental

We are Opel

1,088 kilometers
in 24 hours!

Nici Walde has broken a 24-hour world record at the Opel Test Center

strategic plan

“What a
Bold Mix!”

The GT X Experimental sets a precedent for future Opel models. What sets it apart?

strategic plan

#Did You Know?

The social media campaign provides important information on the strategic plan PACE!

strategic plan

Facts of
The Comeback

Opel/Vauxhall is on the road to writing a successful comeback story


When an Insignia Gets Connected

They are working on “the most exciting thing in the automotive industry at the moment”

Classic Car Convention

When Cars
Tell a Story

Opel Brand Ambassador Jockel Winkelhock picks out his favorite vehicles

50 Years Opel GT

Like a Rolling Stone

He brought the rock ’n’ roll on the streets of Europe – designer Erhard Schnell

Hearts for Opel

Bitter’s Sweet Symphony

We sat down for an interview with Erich Bitter to mark his 85th birthday

in-house premiere

“The Most
Beautiful Combo”

Even the employees fell hard for the new allrounder at its in-house premiere