Desktop Wallpaper

Electrifying View

Here is the new electric car from Opel, the Corsa-e, as wallpaper for your desktop

Opel Grandland X

Four in a Row

What‘s in the new Opel Grandland X Hybrid4? Here are the answers in four (f)acts

120 Years

... Things
an Opel Fan
Must Have Done

The list for everyone with Opel in their hearts


Fresh From
The Icebox

The new Corsa has completed the obligatory test drives in Arjeplog, Sweden

120 Years

Are You a
True Opel Expert?

Test your knowledge of 120 years of automobile production with these 12 questions

Opel at Heart

When a Plan
Comes Together

Opelsleben XXIV: where party, tuning, drift challenges and a cool showcar meet each other

strategic plan

“We‘re gaining across the board”

Tobias Stöver, Head of Opel Light Commercial Vehicles, on the increased market share


Full of

The new Corsa demonstrates how successful weight loss can be with a consistent, holistic workout

120 Years

Signs of
The Times

From ‘A’ and ‘O’ to the Blitz: the evolutionary story of a legendary symbol

My Opel

A Loyal

This Corsa may not be Gerhard Wohlfart’s most glamorous car, but it’s the most reliable

Opel Corsa

Driving Fun

That’s how the new Corsa is to drive: journalists were invited to exclusive test drives

strategic plan

To Become
“Electric City”

Rüsselsheim will have the highest charging station concentration in the European Union

Opel for ever

The Time

This Rekord C Caravan was his first: Georg Pelz has sold 25.000 (!) Opel cars


The Classic

This beautiful Olympia Rekord Caravan is on duty at a winery on the Saar

Color and Trim

“Female Domain”

Belinda Günther, Chief Designer Color & Trim, talks about the Opel GT X Experimental


Cliché meets experience

Range too short? Charging time too long? We have asked experienced Ampera-e owners


Loyal Trophy Collector

Our current king of kilometers is proof that mid-range Opels make great traveling companions

women's network

“Be stronger together“

Four women’s networks within Groupe PSA congregated for the first time ever

Visit in Rüsselsheim plant

On a Grand Stage

The colleagues of the Opel plant tour convey the fascination of car manufacturing


Numbers you
can count on

These values reveal the new Opel Zafira Life‘s true potential