Invitation: Hot Opel models, hot large barbecue


Opel Flat und Chance auf einen Vier-Tages-Trip nach Lappland: Am 28. Januar laden die Opel-Händler wieder zum Angrillen in ihre Autohäuser ein.


The big Opel barbecue will not only serve to provide information and entertainment; attendees can also enter a giveaway to take part in the ‘toughest barbecue of all time.’ Eight adventurous souls will get to travel to Lapland at the beginning of March for four days in order to grill salmon, Lapland burgers, and reindeer filets at -20 degrees Celsius, north of the Arctic Circle. They’ll spend their nights in cozy wooden cabins and ride motor skis and husky sleds by day. And, of course, the Mokka X and Insignia Country Tourer will be up there in the snowy North too, providing support with their all-wheel drives.


Take note, Opel and barbecue fans: On Saturday, 28 January, Opel dealers will be sticking to tradition and hosting a large barbecue. Alongside hot Opel models, attendees can once again expect delicious bratwursts and seasoned steaks freshly grilled by Opel partners. An exciting entertainment program will make the first barbecue of the year a fun and varied event for the whole family.

The atmosphere will be fantastic. After all, there’s certainly something to celebrate: Last year, Opel sold around 1.16 million vehicles in Europe (the highest volume since 2011), which corresponds to a growth of around 46,000 vehicles, or a good four percent. Opel also secured its strongest passenger car sales performance on the German market since 2011: With around 14,500 new car sales, the company grew its market share to 7.3 percent.

Opel Sales Director Germany Jürgen Keller also sees cause for celebration in the outlook for 2017: “Our campaign to launch seven new models will allow us to seamlessly continue the success we saw in 2016. Our new arrivals, such as the flagship Insignia and the two crossover SUVs, Crossland X and Grandland X, will continue to drive sales.” And, as is tradition at Opel, successes will be heartily celebrated together with customers and dealers.