Indulge in Rim-iniscences


The task of the rim is to keep the tyre in position in every driving situation. The rims at Opel master this challenge with so much grace and beauty that we have turned them into Christmas decorations. For each Opel model there are

several exclusively designed rims to choose from. We have hung four rims, which belong to one model, on the Christmas tree and ask you every Monday until Christmas:

To which Opel model do these four rim designs belong?

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Since you can’t wrap the most beautiful gifts in paper, this year again every week we raffle four places for an exclusive guided tour in the Opel Classic Werkstatt. The guardian of the Opel tradition, Jens Cooper, invites the winners for an

excursion to the Holy Halls (January 24, 2019) including a detour into the catacombs. The closing date for participation in part 1 of the Advent Quiz is December 9, 2018. The detailed conditions of participation can be found here (German).

December 2018